Stamp Cleantech LTD

​STAMP CLEANTECH LTD ( Formerly STAMP Investments) is a social enterprise involved in Health and renewable energy project development in Kenya covering Royalty program to reward parents for vaccinating their children, secure health records, document adverse effect of the vaccines to inform future interventions. ​Social Impact , Social innovation and entrepreneurship development Production of improved cook stoves ( metallic and ceramic) Linkages and distribution of solar energy products , Solar lanterns household lighting systems and security lights Manufacturing and distribution of carbonized Briquettes ( HH and Institutions STAMP only distributes proven technologies from within and trusted suppliers and manufacturers. The social enterprise owns a small stove production and briquette production facilities.

The company also runs a health program on immunisation that rewards caregivers. As part of sustainability the social enterprise also offers competency based training in renewable energy, Social and Health Impact measurement / development and integration internally and in collaboration with other service providers. Young people are also mentored in their initiatives. Currently the social enterprise is identifying other opportunities within the Health and renewable energy sector and it’s on the forefront in offering renewable energy solutions that reduce the world dependence on fossils thus creating a greener and cleaner environment and planet